about the website

Propulent, a luxury home services brand in Las Vegas, required a simple website that matched the quality and professional pride of its services. They desired a one-page website that evoked residential elegance.

In creating this website, we achieved a luxurious feel by presenting large, enticing architectural photos. The clean, modern design along with the refined copy emanated the quality and pride of Propulent. Most importantly, we focused on optimizing the main conversion action: getting the visitor to contact Propulent. We kept the site simple and stressed the Call To Action (CTA) throughout. We kept the site intentionally small to reduce distraction.

From a technical standpoint, there was one technical hurdle: developing the custom “Contact Us” form. In order to do so, we had to break out some custom code and configure the form to our design standards.

  • Custom form design
  • Conditional content displays
  • File reduction and compression
  • Easy-to-edit content management system
  • Fading header

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